Welcome to the PLPR2024 Conference!

The annual PLPR-Conference will be hosted by the Technical University of Munich!

18th - 22nd
of March 2024

The International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR) will hold its 18th annual conference from the 18th until the 22nd of March 2024 in Munich (Germany).
The event will be hosted by the Chair of Land Management of the Technical University of Munich.
Annual PLPR conferences provide an opportunity to present scholarship covering a broad array of topics residing at the intersection of planning, law, and/or property rights (such as land use regulation and governance, regional and local planning, urban development, etc.).

The Technical University of Munich, founded in 1868 is one of the biggest and most respected universities of the world. According to the THE (Times Higher Education) Ranking of 2022 it is the best university in the European Union with a number of 18 Nobel Prices achieved by TUM scientists and alumni.
The university currently offers 181 different courses and is home to 50,484 students, 643 professors and 11,804 staff members (WS 22/23). There are several campus locations in and surrounding Munich, as well as multiple research centers worldwide (Singapore, Beijing, Brussels, Mumbai, San Francisco, São Paulo).
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The Chair of Land Management is part of the School of Engineering and Design and the professional profile Geodesy and Geoinformation. Main areas of expertise include land and property management, land administration, rural and urban planning and development, land consolidation and land readjustment, land and property valuation, environmental sustainability. The Chair of Land Management has an international orientation, with an emphasis on the global South, with international partners worldwide, and international visiting researchers, Doctoral, Master and Bachelor students. Ongoing research projects are 3VRUT, ForestFisher, Green DIA, and GeoLand-Indo. Furthermore, the Chair is a key player in TUM.Africa.
Visit the website of our Chair here: Chair of Land Management