Planning matters. Law matters. Property matters. These three simple messages inspire the growing PLPR community to examine the difficult relationship between public and private interests in the use of land.
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A letter from the PLPR president

The International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR) meets every year in a different city to exchange and discuss contemporary societal challenges and theoretical considerations at the intersection of planning, law, and property rights. During these occasions, the academic community of PLPR learns from the local contexts – the cities, its challenges and approaches. This enables reflections upon planning, law, and property rights.

Munich is an extraordinary venue for the annual conference on planning, law, and property rights. Not only does it host one of the top universities in Germany, but also the city has a long tradition of socially just land policy in practice. It provides thus excellent conditions for our annual conference on planning, law, and property rights.

PLPR lives through the enthusiasm and engagement of academics around the globe. The Executive Committee consists of members of PLPR from multiple continents: Eran Kaplinsky from Canada and Rebecca Leshinsky from Australia serve as vice-presidents, Nir Mualam from Israel is our secretary general, and Sofija Nikolić Popadić, and Josje Bouwmeester from Serbia and Switzerland serve as PhD coordinators. There are many more volunteers and liaisons contributing to the fantastic community that PLPR has become.

The core event of PLPR is the annual conference. Yet, PLPR has no own budget, and conferences are self-financed events. We are very grateful and proud that each year one of us volunteers to organize the annual conference. For 2024, this is Walter de Vries and his organizing teaam, led by Liliane Raths, at TU Munich.
We are very much looking forward to meet each other and new friends in March 2024 in Munich!

Thomas Hartmann
President of PLPR